First day of school at Ewen-Trout Creek school

75 percent of students arrived for in-person classes on the first day.
Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:50 PM EDT
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EWEN, Mich. (WLUC) - The elementary, middle and high schools of Ewen-Trout Creek have welcomed 75 percent of its 190 students back to the classrooms, while the other 25 percent remain at home studying remotely.

While the curriculum remains largely unchanged, the social aspect of this school year is full of new norms. It’s an adjustment that the students are struggling to get used to.

“It’s kinda hard not being able to like get close with my friends, having to stay 6 feet away and stuff like that...” explained high school senior Abbie LeGault. “There’ll be like one desk and then there’s a big ol’ space and then another one.“

There are certain opportunities that come with these new precautions. More outside classes, for example.

“The one great thing about that is as long as we’re staying socially distant outside, we can take off our masks so it’s not gonna be too hard to breathe,” said Tyler Thomas, the Physical Education/Health teacher. “We can still do a lot of activities outside with fitness and learning, locomotive skills for the elementary kids, as well as still be able to do team games for the middle and high schools.”

Despite the minor roadblocks in their social lives, most students seem glad to be back in school.

“It’s definitely been better, being in school; you get to do more things and understand them easily...” said Bree Besonen, a 5th grade student. “I don’t really like online schooling as much as being in school.”

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