Tim Kobasic ‘Crown’ Mixer Memorial raises funds for great causes, honors the legacy of a UP legend

Golfers enjoy the outing at Terrace Bluff Golf Club.
Golfers enjoy the outing at Terrace Bluff Golf Club.(Tyler Markle)
Published: Aug. 22, 2020 at 8:46 PM EDT
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More than 100 golfers teed up Saturday afternoon at Terrace Bluff Golf Club in Gladstone for the second annual Tim Kobasic ‘Crown’ Memorial Mixer.

Tim Kobasic wasn't necessarily known for his golf game.

“You know what, he did golf at one point, he was not very good at it,” said Tim’s daughter Carolyn Mokszycke.

But he did love the outdoors, and his family says, he would have loved being in Gladstone on Saturday.

"It's a great time of year, we can all get outside and we're at this beautiful place, the Terrace Bluff Golf Club," said Mokszycke.

Before golfers made their way to the tees though, they did a shot of Crown Royal, in honor the events namesake.

“When we were all younger, my dad would refer to himself as the king, he always said, ‘I am the king’ and we would always deny him that title,” said Mokszycke. “So that was kind of an ongoing joke as we were growing up but also, he had a special drink of choice, he would sip Crown Royal, not often.”

Tim Kobasic, a U.P. legend, passed away in November of 2018. Throughout his life he was an EMT, an avid outdoorsman, a conservationist, and even co-hosted the popular ‘Tails and Trails’ radio show with one of his best friends.

“He taught me everything I know about conservation, we spent a lot of time together, involved in all kinds of different outdoor organizations, you name it, we were there doing it,” said friend Mike Dubord. “I miss him dearly, he was a great guy; one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known.”

Another passion of Tim’s was the U.P. Honor Flight. Tt was because of all the work he did in the Upper Peninsula, specifically Delta County, that his family, and others wanted to keep that legacy of giving alive.

“So we teamed up with the community foundation of Delta County, they actually reached out to us and there was somebody who wanted to get it started and donate some money, so we ran with it and just thought you know, this is the best thing we can do to keep giving back to the community,” said Tim’s daughter Lisa Kobasic.

The golf outing is a major source of donations for the memorial fund, donations that will quickly find their way back to the community.

“That supports some scholarships for graduating seniors taking the path of conservation or the medical field, and we’ve also made a donation to the Honor Flight, and essentially our goal is to grow the fund, and grow our giving,” said Mokszycke. “So, we’re here to support that fund and hopefully be able to spread the good word that my dad started and keep things going forward.”

Despite fears that the event may be canceled due to COVID-19, the Upper Peninsula fortunately still hasn't gone back from phase five status, and the weather managed to comply as well.

With a best ball score of 56, the Kositzky team won the champion flight.

Overall the fund expects to have raised between $8,000 and $10,000. The Kobasic family is looking forward to an even better tournament next year.

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