Marquette School Board approves back to school plan

After nearly two hours of conversation, the board approving the plan 5-1. Keith Glendon was the lone no.
Marquette Area Public Schools board discusses COVID-19 plans
Marquette Area Public Schools board discusses COVID-19 plans
Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 7:11 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Marquette School Board approved their back to school plan today. The approval did not come without concerns.

“What were the considerations we gave to an all online curriculum schedule? And I didn’t see that in the material,” said Keith Glendon, a Marquette School Board Trustee.

The superintendent said an all online option had not been seriously looked at.

After nearly two hours of conversation, the board approving the plan 5-1. Glendon was the lone no.

The plan does include face-to-face and online learning options.

“There’s going to be some pretty extensive work for our teachers,” said William Saunders, Superintendent of the Marquette School District. “Above and beyond what their normal contract would call for to make this relationship happen.”

The superintendent says they have heard from at least 270 parents who are interested in the online only option.

“From this point forward obviously we are going to have to have an online academy for the rest of time,” said Saunders. “I think that some parents are going to find through this pandemic that online learning fits them best.”

A concern, maintaining at least 75% attendance. If the school district does not maintain that number, they would be forced to move exclusively online according to state protocols.

“Going into this, if we are going to offer face-to-face education, we want that education to be seamless,” said Saunders.

The school district has ordered 40,000 masks.

“We worked together as regional superintendents to say we’re not going to come up with a completely different system and have these kids make a choice like ‘I am going to go no masks and try to attract all the kids that want to come to school with no masks,’” said Saunders. “I appreciate the board weighing in and like I said, whatever we do this is going to be a working situation and something that we continue to monitor and update daily.”

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