COVID-19 fails to reduce Copper Harbor tourist numbers

Copper Harbor still has tourists coming in to enjoy the summer weather.
Local Copper Harbor business
Local Copper Harbor business(Connor Veenstra)
Published: Aug. 7, 2020 at 2:53 PM EDT
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COPPER HARBOR, Mich. (WLUC) - Copper Harbor has been a popular tourist spot for years and nothing seems to be stopping that.

Despite COVID-19 concerns, tourists are still coming up north for a little vacation time. According to local business owners, tourism this year has exceeded previous years’ numbers.

“Our kayak day trips on the peninsula are up,” said Sam Raymond, owner of Keweenaw Adventure. “Our bike rentals are up. We’ve limited the capacity on our shuttle service to about 30 percent to allow distancing in the van. We’re running most days at capacity at our cap. So, all things considered, we’re having a good summer and can’t complain.”

Some business owners have expressed concerns over renewed COVID spreading, with so many people coming from different parts of the country to one small area.

Campground sites and hotels in particular are doing whatever they can to keep their customers safe.

“We try to do everything to make everyone as comfortable as they possibly can,” said Randall Deaton owner of Lake Fanny Hooe Campground, “knowing there’s no one thing that we could do to guarantee anything. So, we do our best to try to do what the state asks of us and what makes our guests the most comfortable.”

Whether they want to get out of the house or are desperate to disconnect from the rest of the world, tourists have been coming in in spades and will probably keep coming through the rest of the season.

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