Farmers look to the future of their crops

Things are starting to look brighter
Bahrman Potato Farm.
Bahrman Potato Farm.(WLUC photo)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 8:17 PM EDT
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RUMELY, Mich. (WLUC) - As the saying goes, farming is a way of life. Without farmers, most of people wouldn’t be able to eat. So when farms were hit with COVID-19, the average person was impacted in the form of higher grocery bills.

“Actually, crops are doing quite well. We’re all pretty satisfied with that. Markets on the other hand, it’s still up in the air and there’s still impact from COVID,” said Dan Bahrman, Hiawathaland Farm bureau, President.

As businesses and restaurants were shut down, local farms had no one to sell to. Bahrman farms lost several russet potatoes it normally sells to a pasty shop.

“I think we’re on the upswing right now. We’re really hoping we are. But again, we don’t know what’s in the future,” said Bahrman.

Even though it’s hard to say exactly what the future brings, Dan expresses the importance of staying positive through it all.

“We never know. So, you gotta believe it’s gonna be good,” said Bahrman.

Because at any moment, things could change.

“Mother nature can dictate if you can harvest or what kind of harvest it can be. So, you know, you get a hailstorm, you get a windstorm, you get a flood, there’s a lot of different variables that come into effect,” said Bahrman.

But they are all things farmers have to be ready for.

“There’s a lot of things as farmers, it’s just management. How you manage your crop and what you’re going to do with it and stuff,” said Bahrman.

Because even though it’s hard work, it’s a farmer’s way of life.

“But we’re positive. It’s gonna be good,” said Bahrman.

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