Overcrowding at Marquette beaches

While some beach-goers were seen social distancing, others were less careful
McCarty's Cove, Fourth of July, 2020
McCarty's Cove, Fourth of July, 2020(WLUC-TV6)
Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 10:44 PM EDT
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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Marquette’s shorelines were popular destinations Saturday. Tourists and residents packed the beach at McCarty’s Cove trying to stay cool.

That stretch of beach is a popular Fourth of July destination, especially for young adults.

While outdoor activities are considered safer than indoor gatherings, TV6 found an apparent lack of social distancing and dense gatherings of people without masks.

Beach-goers like NMU Radiography Student, Noah Brooks and NMU Alum, Lucas Deschamps did what they could to maintain six foot separation while strolling the beach and wading into the water.

“Where I am, we keep a little more space but over here on the beach there’s people packed like sardines. I encourage people to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer,” Brooks exclaimed.

Neither seemed too concerned about the large crowd, which was located roughly a quarter-mile south of Brooks’ and Deschamps’ beach claim.

In fact, Deschamps was more concerned about litter that can sometimes be found on and around the beach after the crowds disperse.

“Please clean up the beach. Two years ago we had a catastrophe with people leaving stuff. If you are drinking and partying, please bring a box to throw away your empties because we want to keep this place clean for the residents and people that come here,” Deschamps announced.

City lifeguards and Marquette City Police were busy all day, working to keep everyone as safe as possible given the circumstances.

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