More survivors pulled out from Italy avalanche

Deadly avalanche hits mountain hotel in Italy

Deadly attack in Mali kills 33 people

Cargo plane crashes into residential area

Suicide bombers hit a checkpoint in Nigeria

Europe organization wishes to protect historic marks from ISIS

200,000 homes in France effected by violent storms

Research group reveals Iraq's 2016 body count

French restrict travel for minors after complaints of radicalization

Prisoner in Iran kills 5 people in shooting rampage

Israeli Prime Minister and Israeli newspaper accused of quid pro quo

French candidate looking at new approach to Syria conflict

Turkey renames street after slain Russian ambassador

Total of 93 prisoners die in relation to Brazil's prison riot

Russia pulling out some aircraft carriers from Syria

Al-Qaida-linked group gives input on Syria cease-fire

Five miners killed in China, several still trapped

Cease-fire violations by Syrian gov. threatens peace talks in Turkey

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NBC News takes a glance at what both leaders and ordinary citizens think about the 45th president.

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