Lottery Results

Michigan Keno


Winning Numbers: 01-07-11-12-13-21-23-24-34-35-39-40-41-42-43-46-49-53-66-67-71-80
Last Draw: 07/14/2018

Michigan Fantasy 5

Fantasy 5

Winning Numbers: 05-08-16-37-38
Last Draw: 07/14/2018
Current Jackpot: $198,000.00

Michigan Classic Lotto 47

Classic Lotto 47

Winning Numbers: 06-13-30-39-42-43
Last Draw: 07/14/2018
Current Jackpot: $2,600,000.00

Michigan Daily 3 Midday

Daily 3 Midday

Winning Numbers: 1-0-7
Last Draw: 07/15/2018

Michigan Daily 3 Evening

Daily 3 Evening

Winning Numbers: 2-7-0
Last Draw: 07/14/2018

Michigan Daily 4 Midday

Daily 4 Midday

Winning Numbers: 7-8-6-4
Last Draw: 07/15/2018

Michigan Daily 4 Evening

Daily 4 Evening

Winning Numbers: 1-2-1-1
Last Draw: 07/14/2018

Michigan Poker Lotto

Poker Lotto

Winning Numbers: KS-6C-5H-4S-6S
Last Draw: 07/14/2018

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Someplace Special Merchandise

Someplace Special Merchandise

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Trump calls E.U. 'a foe,' says 'nothing bad' to come from meeting Putin

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6-year-old boy reunites with his mom; child separations persist

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