Showdown of the week: Wykons vs Copper Kings

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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - For the Showdown of the Week this week, we turn our attention to the Western Peninsula Athletic Conference as the Calumet Copper Kings host the West Iron County Wykons.

In 39 appearances against each other, the Calumet Copper Kings and the West Iron County Wykons are 19-19 and 1. The Copper Kings won last season 40-22 and have already started this season 4-0 in conference play with West PAC foe, West Iron County, up next.

"You look at the history of this game, and both teams get after each other every year. It is always a shoot out. It could be a defensive struggle, and we have also seen the high scoring offensive affairs," said Calumet Head Coach, John Croze.

"We just know that we need to play harder than them. They play hard, but we have to play harder and we are ready for them this homecoming night," said Calumet RB/DB, Rory Anderson.

"It is another hard-nosed, hard-fought conference game that we have to win to keep striving to be the top again," said Russ Bjorn, Copper King QB/ILB.

The Wykons are 2-1 in the conference and are coming off a homecoming win over Houghton, and the Wykons want to continue they two-game win streak.

"We are going to have our hands full to go up and play, but you know, we are finally getting healthy and hopefully we can give them a good look," said West Iron County Head Coach, Mike Berutti.

"For the first time all season, we finally have everyone back. WE are pretty healthy going into next week, big game up in Calumet, so we are happy to be healthy," said Wykon QB/DB, Neil Tomasoski.

This Friday, September 30, the Copper Kings and Wykons will meet for the 40th time, at Agassiz Field, looking to break the series tie.

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