Showdown of the week: Hematites vs. Miners

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - The Ishpeming – Negaunee rivalry is a very well-known rivalry in the Upper Peninsula. For the Showdown of the Week, TV6 caught up with both teams.

For the last three seasons, the Ishpeming Hematites have beaten the Negaunee Miners, but for the first time since 2009, the Hematites enter this game with a 3-2 record and are looking for a win against a tough opponent.

“Negaunee is a fantastic team. They are the best and we have to worry about what we are doing. We can’t worry about what they are doing. We still have to improve. We still have to do things right, but we have to worry about what we are doing. We weren’t physical in our two losses,” said Ishpeming Head Coach, Jeff Olson.

“It’s always one of our games that is on our minds all year. We just want to go out and work hard and play hard, and hopefully come out proud of what we did, win or lose,” said Ishpeming RB/DE, Isaac Olson.

“They are really big up front. They have really big backs. Shane Ring is a really good linebacker and fullback and then Neal Violetta. Those two guys, they are going to bring it, so we have to bring it to them and if we aren’t physical, then they are going to win,” said Hematite OL/DL, Ashok Ravindran.

The Miners enter this game at 6-0 which is their best start since the 2013 season, and the Miners are looking to continue their success.

“We have been battling since ’97, since I actually came back to Negaunee. You can always count on a great game from Ishpeming. You know you are going to get their best. We would hope that we would give our best,” said Negaunee Head Coach, Paul Jacobson.

“Definitely we just have to get our minds going for it because they may not have the perfect record, but it is Ishpeming. They are always going to be good, so we definitely have to prepare like they have a perfect record,” said Miner QB/DB, Brock Aho.

This Friday, October 7, the Miners and Hematities will meet for their 67th meeting.

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