University of Michigan President visits Marquette Senior High School

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - On Monday the number one public university in the country stopped by Marquette Senior High School. University of Michigan President Dr. Mark Schlissel spoke to juniors and seniors about why they should consider Michigan when furthering their education.

"We want to make sure the students here know that we're open for business," said Dr. Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan President. "We'd like them to come and consider us for college. Regardless of what your interest is, you can study it at Michigan."

President Schlissel expressed he believes Upper Peninsula culture is important to campus diversity.

"We're working hard to build an increasingly diverse student body in Ann Arbor, and for us the Upper Peninsula is geographical diversity," said President Schlissel. "It's people who've grown up in a certain environment of friends and cultures and traditions, and one of the advantages of Ann Arbor is to mix people up and to get people from all different backgrounds to come and be students. So, I'd love to get more students from the UP."

Students learned more about the school and admissions process, and President Schlissel even stopped in the 'Makerspace Lab' to see STEM curriculum at work.

President Schlissel said he wanted get across to students that though Ann Arbor is a long way from home, students in the UP are worthy and capable of attending a prestigious college like the University of Michigan. He also expressed Michigan is not financially out of reach either.

"We're 'need blind,'" said President Schlissel. "So that means for students inside the state, you fill out a form and we give you the full calculated need, based on a federal financial aid application. It turns out, for students who get financial aid, we're actually the least expensive four year public college or university in the state."

"For our students, they go where opportunity is, and opportunity is at places like the University of Michigan," said Jonathon Young, the Principal of Marquette Senior High School. "What we like to see from them, is to bring those experiences and education back into the Marquette community, and to be able to invigorate our own community as well."

Right now about 80 students from the Marquette area attend U of M, but President Schlissel said he hopes even more will be accepted in the future.

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