UP legislature to continue fight against dark stores

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - U.P. legislators are continuing their fight against dark stores.

A property tax loophole known as the ‘Dark Store Method’ allows big box stores to reduce the taxable value of their property by comparing their properties to other stores that have closed or gone ‘dark.’

The ruling from the state’s tax tribunal has caused headaches for municipalities, particularly in Marquette County.

Last year, legislation to close the loophole passed the State House 97-11, but ultimately stalled in the Senate.

"We're working on a plan to try and get it through the Senate, and so we're going to be ready when we get back in a week or two to reintroduce that legislation and start the process again,” said John Kivela of Michigan’s 109th District. “We're not going to give up. The problem isn't solved yet."

Kivela said he doesn’t expect the bill will be re-written. He said the hurdles the legislation has been facing up to this point have been political.

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