"Speed Interviewing" at NMU

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) About 20 employers were on Northern Michigan University’s campus Thursday night for a “Speed Interviewing” event. The premise is based on speed dating – each student interviews with multiple employers in rapid fire fashion, with each interview only lasting 3 minutes. After each interview, the employers gave feedback to the students.

NMU’s College of Business Dean, David Rayome, says the point of the exercise is to give students practice thinking on their feet, and to build relationships with businesses in the community.

"We really try to get our students into networking, and communicating, and meeting the businesspeople in the community around Northern,” Rayome said. “And the more businesses and the more people we get involved with the college and university, the better experience it is for everybody."

The event was one of about a half dozen that NMU’s College of Business has planned for the semester, including a New Business Venture Competition next month that the school compares to the reality TV show “Shark Tank”.

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