Sen. Peters tours Advanced Power Systems Research Center

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - Senator Gary Peters was in Houghton County on Friday. He’s getting an up close look at Michigan Tech’s vehicle technology research and development efforts.

Peters toured the university’s Advanced Power Systems Research Center this afternoon. The center is providing ways to reduce 20 percent of energy and fuel consumption in all vehicles, including further studies on self-driving vehicles.

Sen. Peters said that autonomous vehicles will be the future of driving.

“One of the incredible advantages of this will be safety,” Sen. Peters said. “We believe that we can eliminate nearly all traffic accidents with these types of features going forward. Probably initially 70 to 80 percent of car crashes. Eventually hopefully getting to nearly 10 percent.”

Sen. Peters said that he will help bring in more federal resources to help support Michigan Tech’s automotive program.

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