Safety week at the new hospital

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The new hospital is becoming the prime location to promote safety, even though it is far from finished. This week MIOSHA and Skanska-Closner are coming together for Safety Week. The week combines new training, along with their day to day routines.

Promptly at 7 a.m. each morning, construction workers gather to stretch and plan before they begin work.

"The stretching, the flexing and the keeping fit, all that cuts down on muscle injuries," said Steve Tighe, the Safety Consultant for MIOSHA.

The construction of the new hospital comes with all types of dangers, particularly the fall potential from hanging steel. Last year 20 of the 43 construction deaths in Michigan were from falls. Tighe said that with all the steel that is being hung at the hospital site, the crew is doing a commendable job about keep safe. In the 11 months that construction has started there have been no reported injuries in Marquette.

Gary Cooper, the Senior Vice President of Operations for Skanska is very proud of the safety of this work force and wants them to be an example for the industry as a whole.

"We are going to change the industry so that people know we are putting together work environments that are safe and that it's not a dangerous industry," said Cooper. "I mean there are some things, but you always got ways to work around it that prevent someone from getting hurt.”

Cooper said that the focus that for this Safety Week is to continue to evaluate the 'PLAN, DO, CHECK, and ACT' steps that the workers take each morning. The week will also consist of understanding health and hand protection along with actual fall protection training and how to tether tools. Cooper said the energy among the workers have been great in regards to safety.

"You can tell that they are interested and they really are looking up and paying attention. They are participating in what we are doing," said Copper. "This is a great work force and we do work all over the country. I think because it is such a small community, that it’s an important job to the guys that are working here on this project. They want to do a good job and they want to be safe."

The celebration and appreciation for safety in the work force will continue throughout the week as the construction push towards an October 2018 opening of the new hospital.

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