Public forum works towards solving homelessness in Marquette County

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Room At the Inn shelter in Marquette has formed a new committee and held their first public forum Tuesday. The forum brought together experts from law enforcement, businesses and other groups to look at ways to solve the homeless problem in the area.

It's estimated more than 400 people are homeless in Marquette County. Experts say the homelessness problem can also be looked at from an economic point of view.

"The point is it's not free to live on the streets and too many of our guests are having to tax the local system whether it's the hospital, whether it's the jail, the courts, these are all government entitites that we as taxpayers end up paying for but never really see the bill," said Doug Russell, Executive Director of Room At the Inn.

Russell also said this was only the first forum, they're working to plan others in the future.