Officials issue warning about common scams

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SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - The Schoolcraft County Sheriff's Department would like to remind people to beware of local scams.

According to the SCSD, there are people trying to gain access to tax returns, or soliciting money from various organizations. Information is being gained through social media sites, including Facebook.

Scams can also include calls from someone impersonating a family member, claiming they're from the IRS or notifying you that you've won a prize.

TV6 has also had reports of a phone scam that begins with a woman apologizing for having to fix her headset. She asks if you can hear her or something similar. Reports are that some companies may be trying to record you saying the word "yes" to use against you in further scams.

It is advised that you not answer a phone call from any number that you do not know.

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