New Dean of Students joins Finlandia

HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - A local university welcomes a new member to their team.

Finlandia University has chosen Erin Barnett as their new dean of students.

Barnett came to Finlandia in 2013 from Eastern Kentucky University.

She has a background directing learning communities and courses and a passion for first year students.

"Finlandia, we've got a really diverse student body, and that's one of the things when I first got here that really surprised me. So, the needs are just as diverse as the student body. But many of our students are low-income, first generation, that's a population that we serve. So helping them understand the roped of higher education: what is a registrar? Those basic types of support that these students need," said Barnett.

Barnett's goals include building relationships and support programs.

One program she hopes to develop would target male sophomore students.

Male students have a lower graduation rate than women nationwide.