NMU Siril Endowment encourages music appreciation

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Northern Michigan University students have a chance to take in some culture soon. Thanks to the Siril Endowment, they'll have access to free tickets to the Marquette Symphony Orchestra.

This is a pilot project to help encourage students to appreciate classical music. So far there's even been interest from non music majors.

"If you haven't had the opportunity to visit a live real orchestra concert it's quite an important cultural experience it's enjoyable, it's well worth it, you can make it a date, it's a wonderful concert," said NMU Music Department Head, Dr. Robert Engelhart.

The tickets are for the next performance September 16. The theme is, "As American as Baseball and Apple Pie." The music department started with 50 tickets, more may be added depending on interest.

Students can pick up tickets at TFA Music Office room 102 through Friday.