More witness testimony in Cochran murder trial

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CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. (WLUC) The Kelly Cochran murder trial continues in Crystal Falls Thursday with even more witness testimony. Before Thursday afternoon, jurors had already heard from five of the prosecution's witnesses.

Kelly Cochran is accused of murdering her former lover, 53-year-old Christopher Regan of Iron River. In court, David Saylor, a friend of the Cochrans while they resided in Caspian, gave his account of the events following an FBI search of the Cochran home. Saylor spoke about the couple's strange demeanor and their fleeing to Indiana after the search.

" could tell something was up, 'cause his face was turning red, he was like really quiet; quieter than he'd ever been," Saylor testified. "When the search was going on... I've never seen Jason like that. I knew something was up the moment they left. You know, if they didn't do it, they had no reason to leave."

Cochran allegedly helped Jason kill, dismember and dispose of Regan's body. Saylor testified about hearing, what sounded like, power tools going off late at night in the Cochran home during the time Regan went missing. After fleeing to Indiana, Saylor said Kelly Cochran denied being involved in Regan's death but did make mention of a body, at one point.

"She never said to you, 'They're never gonna find a body?'" Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell asked Saylor.

"Well yeah, she was saying that the whole time," Saylor replied.

But probably one of the most damning pieces of evidence presented was that of an expert witness, a Michigan State Police detective sergeant in the Technical Service Unit. He reviewed the couple's and Regan's cell phone records from the days before and after Regan's disappearance. Regan's body was found near Pentoga Trail, the expert witness showed, days after the disappearance of Regan, Jason Cochran's phone was pinging less than a mile away from that exact location.

"Were any of those NELOS (Network Event LOcation System) entries in the area of the Pentoga Trail, also known as County Road 639 in Iron County?" Powell questioned.

"Yes. Approximately one mile from where the remains were found," Det. Sgt. Randy Khan said.

Witness testimony is scheduled to begin again Friday morning where, lead investigator on the case, Laura Frizzo is expected to take the stand. Her testimony, according to Prosecuting Attorney Melissa Powell could go through til Monday.

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