Missing a year: Search for Nancy Renkas continues

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FLORENCE COUNTY, Wis. (WLUC) - The Florence County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's assistance with an open missing person case of Nancy Renkas. It has been nearly one year since she was reported missing.

Renkas lived in Florence County and resided with her two sons, Marvin and Joseph. She was last seen on July 18 , 2016 at approximately 12:30 p.m. parked in her vehicle at the Super One Foods near US-2 in Iron Mountain. A few moments later, she was seen getting into a white SUV that pulled up to her vehicle ad departed on US-2 eastbound from Super One Foods. Renkas never returned to her vehicle or home.

Her sons reported her missing the following morning and searched for her vehicle until it was found at Super One Foods. Due to the suspicious circumstances surrounding her disappearance, the Florence County Sheriff's Office began investigating right away.

Since then, a task force has been established and the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office has now taken the lead in the investigation. Michigan State Police is taking on a larger role in the investigation as well. The task force includes the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation; Marinette County Sheriff's Office; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation from Green Bay, Wis. and Marquette, Mich.

According to the release from the Florence County Sheriff's Office, they "know there are people in this community who have information valuable in this case. We have no credible information to believe Nancy Renkas did not intend to return to her home the day she disappeared and her disappearance is suspicious."

The Marinette Crime Stoppers has an anonymous phone number for reporting any information anyone may have on Renkas. The calls are "scrubbed" to eliminate any caller ID prior to speaking with an operator to provide total security for the caller. The Crime Stoppers number is 1-800-427-5857.

The Nancy Renkas Task Force will continue to investigate her whereabouts until she is found.

To view the entire release from the Florence County Sheriff's Office, visit the Related Documents section of this story.

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