Mike Klein hosts meet and greet

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Mike Klein brought out all the stops for his meet and greet with Marquette county residents Saturday. From a special marked vehicle to a wide variety of food people from across the U.P came to support his campaign for sheriff. Klein has a rich history as an Eagle Scout, fireman, law enforcement officer and as a member of the US Navy. He believes his past experience plus his current role as Undersheriff qualify him for the job.
"This was the last and final step in a lifelong goal I’ve had to be the sheriff of this county,” explained Mike Klein, Candidate for Marquette County Sheriff. “All those things that you do throughout your career I believe help make you better for the position and the goal you are getting to."
"Mike's a great guy, I’ve known him for years,” said Will Weycker, a Klein for sheriff supporter. “He's active in a lot of different groups and it just makes sense that he would be the next sheriff of Marquette County."
Mike Klein took time Saturday to discuss why he is running for sheriff and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.