MTU freshmen welcomed

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - Michigan Tech welcomed more than 1,400 freshmen Sunday at the MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

The "University Welcome" kicks off a week-long orientation, finishing with the start of Welcome Week on Saturday, Sept. 2nd.

The pep band welcomed the new students into the arena, playing the fight song, while the RAs and upperclassmen gave the freshman their first taste of school spirit.

This year's class comes from 9 different countries, 25 different states and is made up of 27 percent women

Academically, they have an ACT composite of 27.2, an average GPA of 3.73 and according to school officials:

"Combined, you've been awarded nearly $11,000,000 dollars in financial aid and scholarships," Michigan Tech VP of Student Affairs Les Cook said.

Students chose Michigan Tech for a number of reasons, some for academics.

"I heard it's a really good engineering school," Freshman Chemical Engineering Major Benjamin Syznowski said. "I was in Gross Point Robotics for four years and it kind of instilled in me that engineer spirit."

Some for the opportunities Michigan Tech offers off campus.

"I like the area, I don't know, it's a really nice place, just kind of suited me I guess," Freshman Computer Engineering Major Tyler Arthur said. "Just kind of getting out and exploring, learning new things, meeting new people."

"I just like the outdoor environment, a lot of outdoor activities you can do," Syznowski said. "I'm signing up for the nordic ski club and a lot of cross country skiing I hope to do."

Some even look forward to the real world professional environment the school offers.

"Hopefully orientation is as exciting as it sounds," Syznowski said. "We're going to have I think five group meetings, so i'll get to know everyone, hopefully make some friends right off the bat."

Classes start the day after Labor Day.

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