Local mother, daughter featured in national 'What Moves You' campaign

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HANNAHVILLE, Mich. (WLUC) - You may notice some new billboards and posters in your area promoting a campaign to help get people to start exercising, but there is a special connection to the U.P. in some of those pictures.

A mother and daughter from the Hannahville community are among only eight people chosen statewide to be the faces of the “What Moves You” campaign.

“I hope that our poster sends a message to other Native American families about how important it is to stay active and incorporate exercise into you daily life,” said Amanda Hess, of the Wellness Advisory Committee.

The daughter, Nadia Hess is pretty excited about it.

“I feel really good about it and I was to be famous,” Nadia said.

If you ask her about her message for other kids, she gets serious.

“I tell them that if they don't get active, they could get diabetes and get very, very sick and not be healthy and die at a younger age,” Nadia said.

That’s pretty heavy stuff for an 8 year old, but that shows the seriousness of the issue.

“There is a lot of diabetes in Native American communities and heart disease, so I think it's important to highlight how important exercise is to prevent disease,” Amanda said.

“The media campaign is part of the REACH Project which stands for racial and ethnic approaches to community health,” Health Educator Shanna Hamond said. “It's a nationwide center for disease control project looking at increasing access to healthy food and also promoting physical activity. It can be a as simple as going out for a walk or doing an activity that you know you love"

Hammond said there are three simple principles to stick to when beginning to exercise.

“Start slow, set goals and stick with it,” Hammond said.

If all else fails, take Nadia’s advice.

“Exercise 60 minutes a day, eat [healthier] and drink more water and milk and stuff like that,” Nadia said.

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