Lavoie-Fryer trial picks up today in Delta County

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Today's testimony covered a lot of ground with some of it taking us back to the very day the little girl was found.

Linda Frisk is the mother of Kyle Frisk, the man who found the little girl, and it's her house that her son brought the freezing little girl to. Linda describe the condition of the little girl when she was found and her temperature was taken.

"He put the thermometer under her left arm. It's was 94 degrees. Her skin was a whitish blue. She was very frail."

But what has probably been the most contentious testimony so far took place while Department of Health and Human Services worker Kim Boucher was on the stand. Boucher is an advocate for reunification of the children and parents and much of her testimony didn't seem to sit well with guardian ad litem Jayne Mackowiak.

One of the main points of contention was the couples potential misuse of their money. Lavoie and Fryer have claimed a lack of money as their reason that they haven't been able to meet some of their obligations.

Mackowiak asked Boucher "Doesn't it bug you that he smokes cigarettes yet says he has no money to go see his children?"

The testimony also turned when Judge Robert Goebel Jr. took issue with what he viewed as contradictory testimony from earlier in the case.

"Did you know their testimony in court was quite different as to the payment of rent? Whether or not they were evicted? They claim they left voluntarily. The fact that they may not have told the complete truth here in court. Is that a concern for you?"

But, while testimony was heated at times today there was one issue that was put to rest.

Mackowiak referred to the little girl as having been found in a ditch and Judge Goebel took this chance to set the record straight.

"We keep using the word ditch. She was not found in a ditch..."

She was found on a small rise in a flooded field.

The day ended with the court taking a trip to the parent's new residence to evaluate their current living conditions.

The results of that field trip will be reported when court reconvenes tomorrow a 9am.

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