Keeping your information safe online

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - Password security, online shopping habits and telltale signs of a problem, were talked about at the Identity Theft Seminar in Ishpeming recently.

The number one thing people can do right now to strengthen online security, is change your passwords. Consider ones that are at least 16 characters long, have special characters, and even unusual but easily remembered phrases. Security expert Randall Monroe suggests unusual but easily remembered phrases like "correct horse battery staple."

When shopping online, experts say consider changing your purchasing habits all together.

“If possible, use a separate credit card or bank account specifically for online shopping,” Castlegarde’s Bryan Kaylor said. “The reason you can do that is it's easier for you to keep track of the actual transactions on that account for fraud and if there is fraud you can act on that a little bit quicker.”

Other things to watch for are social attempts at stealing your identity, like phishing emails, strange texts asking for information, or even some spam phone calls.

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