Iron Industry Museum Car Show attracts many despite rain

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NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) - Despite some rain, car lovers and history buffs made their way to the Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee Township Sunday, for their annual Father's Day Car Show.

Several antique and vintage cars were parked around the museum, and even the food was served on four wheels, with the Señors Food Truck parked outside.

A band played throughout the museum for attendees, and Bob Kreipke, a Ford Motor Company Corporate Historian, also gave a talk about Henry Ford's past in the Upper Peninsula.

"I always love coming to the Upper Peninsula, it's my favorite place," said Kreipke. "But besides that, it's great to reminisce and tell the story of Henry Ford. I meet so many people that actually had their fathers and mothers work for the company, and they have great stories about what this was like up here."

Kreipke's talk also highlighted how the mining and timber industries were crucial to the development of Ford Motor Company in its early days.

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