Informant takes the stand in drug trial

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - It was day two in the trial of a Crystal Falls man accused of selling heroin in Iron Mountain. Jurors heard more witness testimony in the case against 36-year-old Paul Dwayne Scott, including that from the confidential informant who claimed to have purchased the heroin.

Scott was arrested back in March, after he and his girlfriend allegedly sold two packets of heroin to a police informant. That confidential informant was among those who took the stand today.

In his testimony, he claimed to have worked with the KIND Drug Team to setup the two controlled buys, and purchase the heroin with marked money.

"That's why you went to KIND, is to cooperate with them, so you wouldn't get charged with the heroin, correct?" Defense Attorney Grant Carlson asked C.I. Pietrantonio.

"Somewhat true," Pietrantonio responded.

"You suggested Mr. Scott, correct?" Carlson asked. "They didn't suggest that you work to setup Mr. Scott, you did, correct?"


During cross examination, Scott's defense attorney was quick to point out that the informant chose the location and time of the exchange, officers never heard the exchange that allegedly took place inside Scott's car, and the informant could've been hiding the "bindles" of heroin on his person, setting Scott up. The prosecution, however, argued that insinuation and described the thorough pat down the informant received prior to the buy.

"Can you describe the search you did to C.I. Pietrantonio on March 9th?" Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kristin Kass asked Dickinson County Sheriff's Office Lt. Detective Derek Dixon.

"I go through every item of clothing, shake it out...pockets, I feel the seams, I feel around the belt line, shake out their underwear, work their way all the way down pat...socks, shoes, into the tongue of the shoe...everything," he described.

Scott was arrested four days after the last purchase. In court Tuesday, it was also made clear that of the possibly incriminating items found on Scott during his arrest, neither the marked buy money nor the heroin were among them.

"Is the money given in a controlled buy marked in any way?" Kass asked Dixon.

"We photograph it, in case we come across it later on, to know that it was money we used in a controlled buy," Dixon replied.

A total of $34 were found in Scott's pockets but were not determined to be any of the marked bills.

"That did not wind up with any of the controlled buy money that was provided to Mr. Pietrantonio, correct?" Carlson asked Lt. Detective Dixon.

"I didn't compare it, but I know some of the officers with us who had compared it said that none of it matched," Dixon said.

Scott is being charged with two counts of delivery of heroin. As a habitual offender, he faces a maximum penalty of up to life in prison. His trial will continue Wednesday morning.

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