Happy campers at 50th Anniversary Camporee

MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - More than 400 hundred happy campers are celebrating Camp Hiawatha's 50th anniversary.

"Its an incredible place, a lot of memories here, and over the years you think of the thousands of scouts that come through here in the summer and it's just amazing," said Alan Barr, former camper and the District Chair for Hiawatha.

The celebration kicked off with a weekend long camporee. Several programs were available including the new Iron Scout Challenge where scouts and leaders participated in a 12 mile bike ride, two mile canoe paddle, and five mile hike.

"Hearing the kids run around and having a lot of fun, that’s what scouting is all about," said Kevin Corkin, the Senior Executive for the U.P. Boy Scouts. "It is is coming to event like this enjoying camp, that is the highlight of every scout career."

"I think its just a nice place to be," said Sam Markey, a First Class Scout, "I enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful scenery and the sunsets on the lake, and being with friends at camp."

800 acre Camp Hiawatha is the only Boy Scout camp in the U.P. For this anniversary, camporee scouts from across the Upper Peninsula came to celebrate and interact with other troops.

"It's really cool because some of these kids make friends from all over the U.P. and stay in touch," said Corkin. "They get to see them at camp and events like this "

However the scout leaders are not only celebrating the past 50 years this weekend.

"It's really a kick off for the next 50 years and we are working on building up the camp, fixing it up, but also adding new programs," said Corkin.

Scout leaders said they are looking to add more STEM related programs and high adventure activities to continue to improve the camp.

Starting after July 4, every Friday will have open tours for alum and former campers to see what’s changed in the past 50 years.

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