Future leaders train at Camp Hiawatha

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MUNING, Mich. (WLUC) - More than 60 future leaders assembled at Camp Hiawatha in Munising today to take part in National Youth Leadership Training.

Boys and girls from the Boy Scouts and their co-ed satellite organization Venture Crews, will be making their own meals, sleeping in tents, and learning important life lessons.

Summer camps can include water games, endless matches of capture the flag, and campfire songs.

While the songs are still being heard ringing from the mess hall, and the tents must be set up by them, this week students will be learning lessons that will follow them into adulthood.

"This is a total leadership skills, not physical skills," Bay Lakes Council's NYLT director Jeff Iding said.

Boy Scouts and their co-ed Venture Crews, traveled from as far away as Sault Ste Marie, and Wisconsin to the Munising area camp.

This yearly National Youth Leadership Training Program shows students how to be leaders in their troops, as well in their future fields.

"They go through different types of presentations during the day, all types, some are active, they get up and get out in the field and other ones they'll be sitting and watching some videos and listening to some instruction," Iding said.

Some lessons taught by their older peers show how to work in an environment of people who may not agree with their point of view.

"My presentation is about helping to teach how to resolve and deal with the conflict going on," Troop 105's Harold Worden from Sault Ste. Marie said. "Like if a situation is elevating, the other person is getting upset or is just not listening in general, how to deal with that."

Other lessons teach these future leaders, how to teach.

"It's called leading edge and preparing your plans which one is about planning and the other is about how certain types of learning styles work better with certain types of teaching styles," ASPL Troop Guide Nyssa Schneider said.

The Boy Scouts of America say through the time honored lessons of team building at summer camps, students will learn how to be leaders, through learning what to do, and what to know, to understand how to be a leader.

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