Former director in court while new ALTRAN director starts

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MUNISING, Mich. (WLUC) - Alger County native Jennifer Heyrman-Barney successfully completed her first day as executive director at ALTRAN on Monday.

Heyrman-Barney said she has several ideas on improving ALTRAN.

"I would like to look at additional funding for the community just to get some of our programs up and running, meals on wheels, but right now I'm wade through all the legalese, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the federal Transportation Administration," Heyrman-Barney said. "There's a lot to go through."

Prior to ALTRAN, Heyrman-Barney worked for Munising Public Schools where she retired after 16 years of teaching.

"I've been off of teaching for about a year and a half so I've just been looking for the right opportunity the right fit for me and when this opened up it seemed perfect," Heyrman-Barney said.

The executive director position opened after the former director, Rochelle Cotey, was accused of embezzling from ALTRAN, the Kiwanis Club of Alger County and the Alger County Commission on Aging.

Monday, Cotey had her bond conditions modified.

Originally she was not permitted to use a computer to access the internet, but the rules were vague relating to cell phone usage because she has a smart phone.

The judge ruled Cotey can use a computer and smart phone to pay bills, maintain bank accounts and send and receive emails to and from her attorney.

Cotey has pleaded not guilty to four felony embezzlement counts and one felony forgery count.

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