UPDATE: Escanaba's powder puff game gets sacked

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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - The hot topic at tonight's Escanaba school board meeting was the recent cancellation of the traditional seniors vs. juniors powder puff football game played during homecoming.

The decision, which was recently handed down by high school officials, has been met with resistance from those not wanting to see the traditional game done away with.

Tonight's packed meeting included several students who spoke in support of the game.

If the decisions stands to not allow the game, students are considering possible alternatives such as playing a game in Ludington Park.

One thing everyone was able to agree upon was that student safety was the number one concern for all involved.

"I can stand here and say that the administration was doing what they thought was best in terms of student safety" said one school employee attending the meeting.

In an attempt to allow the tradition to continue while taking student safety into consideration, making a change to the game was suggested.

"So what we would like to do is that we'd like to propose a change from two hand touch, which has never been a good idea, to flag football" said one of the mothers of who opposed cancelling the game.

The idea of changing the game was met with general support, including the mother of a girl hurt in last years game who is now serving in the Air Force.

"I would support flag football. I know my daughter would want me to be talking for her in supporting flag football."

But as of now superintendent Coby Fletcher made it clear the decision stands that there will be no powder puff game.

"Right now a decision has been made that we are not going to do the powder puff game and instead we have alternative activities that have been planned. As far as I'm concerned that decision still stands. There are things we can discuss but it's not that that right now is up for debate."

But one hopeful parent had a message of optimism and thought perhaps this was a chance to put forth a good example of compromise for the students.

"It would be best if these could kids could see how the whole system works and the kids can see that compromises can be made."

Hopefully as the process goes forward an answer can be found to make everyone happy.

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