Enbridge trains with new oil response equipment

ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - On the waters of Little Bay de Noc, 30 Enbridge and local workers geared up for safety and boom equipment training using the latest on open water oil spillage.

"They are unloading it, hooking it up to vessels and then doing a variety of configurations," said Greg Carter, the supervisor of emergency preparedness at Enridge.

The new 60 by 20 foot boom equipment will allow for faster and more efficient containment pick up.

"The wider the boom entry the more product you are able to recover and that’s the concept of this whole thing," said Carter. "We go out to where the product is, we channel plume of product into the boom, where it caught, captured and then recovered off a reservoir."

One of Michigan’s greatest concerns of an oil leak is Line 5, the 645 mile pipeline that carries light crude oil and liquid propane from Wisconsin through the Great Lakes.

In 2016 a report discovered areas of the line were unsupported putting damaging stress on the pipelines. Since then Enbridge has corrected the problem and is confident in Line 5.

“The risk on line 5 is extremely small but we want to over prepare for it and this is just our obligations for the sake of public safety that we do this," said Carter.

Enbridge prides itself in their frequent maintenance on Line 5 to fuel this confidence.

"We have pipeline integrity done where we use devices known as PIGS that are able to detect the smallest defect in the line," said Carter.

The equipment will be stored in Escanaba while the Straits of Mackinac will have identical response equipment to be ready if any spill were to occur.

"We want to make sure we cover as much area as possible and make it available for the general area as well, to be good corporate citizens," said Carter.

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