Day with the MI National Guard

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - Around 150 area high school students went to the National Guard armory in Ishpeming today.

National Guard members were on hand to give the students an idea of what it is they do.

Students were told stories from speakers who joined for many reasons.

One of the presenter asked the kids, where else are you able to get paid to learn how to work on diesel engines.

The day was not about directly recruiting the kids, but rather an informational experience.

"If they decide they want more information, the goal today is not to see how many people we can recruit," Michigan National Guard Commanding Sargent Major Gary Jensen said. "The goal today is just to get them involved, we want to bring the parents in, we don't want anyone making any decisions, we're telling them today do not go home and tell your parent's you're joining the military."

Exhibits from firearms, to remote controlled robots to a truck that lifts a boat right from the water on to its own trailer were on hand.

Jensen added, college is paid for and sign on bonuses are available, but the most important part of joining is serving your community and country.

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