Dark store legislation stalled in State Senate

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - According to Senator Tom Caspoerson, dark store legislation has stalled in the State Senate and it seems unlikely to get passed.

‘Dark stores’ refer to a tax loophole allowing big box stores to be assessed as if they were empty.

The ruling from the state’s tax tribunal has caused headaches for municipalities, particularly Marquette County. Legislation closing the loophole passed the state house.

Sen. Casperson said he still have a couple years left to fight for this issue.

“I plan on aggressively going after it again to keep the dialogue going. Taxes should be fair and this clearly is not a fair tax system we've got going on. We're allowing these big box stores to get these huge advantages,” said Casperson. “It's not going away and it can only get worse if we don't resolve it.

Casperson also said the proposed bill could be reworked and then put back into the state legislature.

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