Crowds roar at Lions' Skandia Days

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SKANDIA, Mich. (WLUC) - You could hear the sound of sirens Saturday morning as the 38th annual Skandia Days began.

The event kicked off with the parade, which started from Maple Lane Sports and ended at the Community Center.
Fire departments from Chocolay, Rock River and Mathias Townships passed out candy to the crowds.
This year, there were more classic custom cars in the parade than in the past.

"Our parade has gotten bigger and more popular," said Lions Club President Ron Stenfors. "Our food has gotten better because instead of the club preparing the food, we contracted the vendors to do that. They do a much better job because they are professionals. We've added things like elephant ears and kettle corn."

Three local bands entertained the crowds after the parade.
All proceeds from this year's Skandia Days will be going to the Lions Club, which supports many organizations across the region.

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