Community Cleans up Marquette County

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SAWYER, Mich. (WLUC) - In Sawyer Saturday, the community came together to help beautify the city for the second annual Community Clean.

Around 80 volunteers helped clean up garbage on Sporley Lake Road and Dart Street.
The community is using $2,500 grant to collect trash from abandoned homes and condos around town.
Last year, 15,000 pounds of garbage were collected with even more picked up this year.

"We believe God has given us this gift of the earth. We are to take care of the gifts that we've been given," said St. Anthony's Reverend Allen P. Mott. "The whole community is getting together and taking care of what God has given us. This is the little part that we're taking care of here."

Residents are hoping the massive Community Clean will make an aesthetic difference for those driving through town this summer.

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