Calumet Elks throw Christmas party for kids

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CALUMET, Mich. (WLUC) - The Copper Country Elks Lodge, #404 hosted a Christmas party for area kids December 10th.

The lodge has been hosting this party for decades, and children from all around the Calumet and Houghton area came to eat pizza, get presents, and take home treats.

"We're doing a holiday Christmas party for the children of the area and we're going to have about 80 kids," Copper Country Elks Lodge 404's Dave Sladek said.

"We're going to have them playing games for the first hour and at 3:00 we're going to have a whole bunch of pizza delivered and we're going to have lunch," Elks Lodge #404 member Jeannie LaBonte said.

According to organizers, they open their doors to any area kid who signs up, but they especially invite kids who may need a little more this Christmas season, to meet someone special.

"Santa comes around 4:00 p.m. and we have a gift for all the kids that come," Sladek said.

"So they get all excited, and we send them home with goodie bags with fresh fruit and cookies and candy and things," LaBonte said. "We try to make a difference in their lives as much as we can."

The members of the club help out for the party, serving food, setting up and cleaning after the event.

Some of the members even get their kids to dress as elves to help pass out the gifts from Santa.

All the kids say they look forward to getting presents from Santa, but some enjoy the party for the things they only get to enjoy on occasion.

"I usually look forward to eating pizza," 4th grader and Santa's helper Lillian Fritz said. "I just do this every year so I end up like coming back and getting like a new really cool present."

The Elks club is able to provide this kind of party, as well as community projects and scholarships through their Elks National Foundation.

"People donate to the Elks National Foundation and then through those grants we have community investment programs, " Sladek said. "We build parks, swing sets and put on parties like this."

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