Building the 21st Century Economy Commission visits the Upper Peninsula

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Commissioners from Building the 21st Century Economy Commission met with Governor Rick Snyder and local business leaders Friday morning.

Discussion took place over establishing a strategy for economic growth and how established industries can flourish in the Upper Peninsula. Governor Snyder spoke about how he sees the excitement over the quality of life that is found here and wants to find a way to market that all over.

He also spoke on improvement of skill trades at community colleges and how to prepare for the future.

"We are doing things like saying you need to work with a private sector to define the equipment, but we will help provide capital to buy this newest equipment. So instead of having old equipment and having to be re-trained when you go to work; learn this right at school, walk right into a job and you got a great career" said Governor Snyder.

The Building the 21st Century Economy Commissioners travel around Michigan to speak to various local leaders on Michigan's future economy as a whole.

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