Bearded Apple helping rebuild Iron River

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IRON RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) - The Bearded Apple is a non-profit community funded co-operative in Iron River.

They've been working hard over the several years in helping to revive some of the abandoned buildings in the city.

The business is also famous for their coffee.
They use these funds to help pay for other operations in the city.
Currently, the Bearded Apple is helping to bring a grocery store co-op and a bookstore to the downtown area.

"We didn't want to become just another ghost town. We're a beautiful community," said Bearded Apple Executive Director Glen Waarvik. "Our county has so many gorgeous lakes and a lot of natural resources. What we did was joined together and said, 'How can we put our money to good use?' We felt a business incubation program was the way to do that."

The Bearded Apple has been in the UP since 2013 and is hoping to bring more businesses to Iron River so that the future generation will have jobs.

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