2nd expert says teen in Slender Man stabbing was delusional

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WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) - A second psychologist has testified about the delusional mental state of a girl who's admitted to helping stab a classmate nearly to death in a Wisconsin park in 2014.

Gregory Van Rybroek took the stand in a Waukesha County courtroom Thursday at Anissa Weier's trial. Jurors will determine whether she was mentally ill when she helped stab Payton Leutner. Such a verdict would send Weier to a mental health facility instead of prison.

Van Rybroek, a forensic psychologist, told jurors Weier "couldn't stop herself" and helped stab Leutner even though she knew it was wrong. Van Rybroek is the second court-appointed expert to evaluate Weier's insanity plea.

Weier and co-defendant Morgan Geyser told investigators they stabbed Leutner to appease Slender Man, a fictional horror character. The girls were 12 at the time.

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