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Hearing Great Music with Floyd Slotterback

Event Dates and Times

10/30/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
11/6/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
11/13/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
11/27/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
12/4/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
12/6/2017 - Starts: 12:00 PM - Ends: 1:00 PM
Peter White Public Library, Community Room, Marquette, MI
Have you ever wondered what is really going on beneath the surface of your favorite music? Do you wish you could hear into the music, hear it skillfully? Would you enjoy having an awareness of how music is constructed and what makes it "great?"
Beginning Monday, October 30, retired NMU professor Floyd Slotterback will present a six-session "how-to" in becoming a skilled music listener. Classes run from noon to 1:00 pm in the Peter White Public Library’s Community Room. After 40 years of music teaching, Floyd will share his enthusiasm and teaching skills to help you know what it is you are hearing, and how to organize an appreciation for it.
Becoming a good listener is possible if you know how to listen for and recognize structure. All great music (pop to jazz to classical) is built by the composer out of recognizable chunks of meaning. With no music reading skills, you can learn to hear and organize these chunks.
You will benefit more from the sessions if you have paper and pencil. Bring a friend and "have your ears cleaned!" You will never listen to music in the same way again. The class meets weekly Mondays 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/27, 12/4, and Wednesday 12/6. It is open to the public at no charge and no registration is required.

Call 226-4318 or visit for more information.
Carolyn McManis, Library Programming Coordinator, 906-226-4318 | 454115663


Event Dates and Times

10/30/2017 - Starts: 4:00 PM - Ends: 7:00 PM
10/31/2017 - Starts: 4:00 PM - Ends: 7:00 PM
Township Park, Trenary, MI 49891
The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc. is PROUD TO PRESENT the TRAIL OF TERROR!! It’s annual HAUNTED HALLOWEEN WALK!!

If you're looking for a great SCARE, you have come to the right place!! Relish the severe shock of TERROR as Leatherface, Harley Quinn, and a few FLYING MONKEY'S join The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc. with many more to 'SCARE YOUR PANTS OFF' for a great cause!

The TRAIL OF TERROR will take place three weekends during the Month of October in downtown Trenary, Michigan. You'll only have to follow the screams to join us every Friday and Saturday night throughout the month to have your 'pants scared off'!! The weekends will be October 13th & 14th, October 20th & 21st, with the exception being our GRAND FINALE weekend October 27th, 28th, 30th, & 31st.

A child friendly walk through our spooky haunted cedar lane WILL BE OPEN from 4:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm, ON October 21st, October 27th, 28th, 30th, & 31st. All children are welcome! Seven o'clock is when the real fun begins!! Our ghosties and goblins will disappear and the most terrifying characters from throughout a century will emerge. Mature youth/teens and adults only from 7:00 Pm to 12:00 Am. Tickets for the last evening walk will be collected at 11:30. It will be a hardcore terror experience in a haunted Yooper lane, with no boundaries. Our intense, scream filled haunted walk will not disappoint you if are looking for a hauntingly good time.

Lane entrance times are scheduled according to the sun setting and darkness descending times to maximize scaring abilities. Tickets are collected from 3:30 Pm through 11:30 Pm. You'll want to get in line early! Tickets ARE available FOR PURCHASE at the Trenary Mini Mart on the corner of M67 and US 41, the Trenary Coop, the Chatham Coop, the Perkins Store and at the Limestone General Store. Entertainment to be announced. Refreshments will be available.

Tickets for child friendly walk: 4:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm, $4.00, parent free with admission of child ticket.

Tickets for the Extreme Terror Experience, Trail of Terror: $12.00, please 12 and up. Mature youth/teenagers and adults.
Family Ticket, Two Adults/Three Youth, Regular Price $60.00, Discount Price: $40.00.
Tobi J. Luft, President and Founder
The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc.
906.420.3739 | 448595793

MTU Four Wheelers Fall Bog

Event Dates and Times

10/30/2017 - Starts: 8:00 AM
Range Snowmobile Club, Atlantic Mine MI
Think you have the biggest, baddest truck around? Prove it Saturday September 30th at the MTU 4 wheelers fall bog at the range snowmobile club. There are classes to fit any truck, atv, side by side, or snowmobile. Don't have a rig? Come watch the others compete for the prizes in each class! Children 12 and under get in free! A portion of the proceeds goes to Benefit4Kids, a charity funding outdoor excursions for children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. For more info check out the event on facebook at the Four Wheelers of Michigan Tech page!
Bryce Richard 906-202-3653 | 446677613

Chapter Book Club: The Comic Strip Sessions

Event Dates and Times

10/2/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/3/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/9/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/10/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/16/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/17/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/23/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/24/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/30/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
10/31/2017 - Starts: 4:30 PM - Ends: 5:30 PM
Peter White Public Library, Youth Atrium. 217 N. Front Street, Marquette, MI 49855
Listen to a chapter from the book The Terrible Two, then adapt it into a comic strip! Ages 8-12. For more information call 226-4320, visit, or check out the Peter White Public Library page on Facebook.
Sarah Rehborg

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Someplace Special Merchandise

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