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NBC News Headlines

Tainted synthetic pot threatens blood supply, FDA warns

The FDA said it has received several reports of blood donors who have used products such as K2 and "spice" contaminated with an ingredient in rat poison.

Andrea Mitchell interviews Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats

NBC News' chief foreign affairs correspondent will ask Director of National Intelligence Coats about threats to the U.S., including Russian meddling in our elections.

Trump criticizes Federal Reserve for rate hikes, breaking with tradition

The White House quickly released a statement, noting that Trump "respects the independence of the Fed."

Religious adoption agency can't exclude gay parents, judge rules

In a ruling hailed as "historic," a federal judge sided with the city of Philadelphia and same-sex foster and adoptive parents.

Nielsen won't say whether Russian meddling favored Trump

However, the DHS secretary said it would be "foolish" to think Russia stopped meddling in U.S. elections.