Marquette West Rotary Club sets up for Harbor Fest

Marquette West Rotary Club prepares for Harbor Fest

The Liberty Way project on Washington Street is nearing completion, about three years ahead of schedule.

Chassell Township Schools are planning to start a young fives program, but are short on students

The non-profit group Music for All Kids has a new director.

Drivers 50 and older get refresher course with Smart Driver program

Skate park project receives $10,000 donation

Server who received 'racist' note instead of tip gets international attention

MAPS board member resigns

MTU freshmen on campus for week orientation

NMU upgrades internet access

3-vehicle crash backs up traffic on Wright Street

Parking tips for this weekend's Harbor Fest

Teen drivers still among most dangerous on roads

In election year, bipartisan group of lawmakers working to diminish big money in politics

Superior Arts Youth Theater holds acting camp for kids

UPDATE: Cynthia Jasmin requests to have a forensic examination to stand trial on drug charges

Escanaba man's possible plea agreement discussed in court

Plea agreement discussed for home invasion suspect

Pro-marijuana group loses challenge over access to ballot

Patriotic posters created in the U.P. seen around the world

Campsite meth lab suspect pleads guilty to lesser assault charge

South East Michigan man pleads guilty to 27 misdemeanors and two felonies

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6 Day Forecast

Someplace Special Merchandise

Someplace Special Merchandise

NBC News Headlines

Gunmen Attack American University of Afghanistan

The Kabul-based university was where five gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms abducted one American and one Australian professor last month.

'The Town Isn't Here Anymore': Scores Killed in Italy Quake

The 6.2 magnitude quake struck about 100 miles northeast of Rome and killed at least 159 people.

CIA Releases Nixon and Ford's Intelligence Briefs

The day after President Nixon resigned in 1974, the CIA told President Ford that "The world in the past 24 hours has seemed to mark time, as the US su

Scientists Find Earth-like Planet Orbiting Nearby Star

The planet, called Proxima b, is about 1.3 times the mass of Earth and is only 4.22 light-years away.

Scenes From Italy Earthquake: An Ancient Town Ruined

Amatrice, considered one the most beautiful of Italy's historic towns, has survived centuries of war, weather and earthquakes, but not one like this.